Training Institutes

Sericulture Training Institutes
Name Location Type of training imparted After passing out how many and in what way deployed
Sericultural Training Institute Ummulong Certificate Course They were obsorbed as Rearers.
In Service Training Improved the new technical know how.
Sericultural farmers/ Reelers/ Spinners. Improved their rearing skills/ Spining and reeling of yarn.
Training progamme for Self Employment For Self employment of educated and unemplyed youth.
Weaving Training Centre (Handloom Weaving)
Sl. No Name Location Type of Training imparted After passing out what way deployed
1 Handloom Training Institute. Mendipathar
  1. Training of Handloom Weaving Trainers under the scheme Integrated Training of Progressive Weavers.
  2. Training of Silk Weavers.
  3. Training Programme for self employment
  1. To improve their weaving skills and designs.
  2. For self employment of educated/ unemployed youth
Weaving Training Centre Nongpoh
  1.  Year artisan weavers course
  1. Working as individual weavers with technical assistance rendered by the Department.
3 Weaving Training Centre Jowai
4 Weaving Training Centre Nongstoiñ
5 Weaving Training Centre Aradonga
6 Weaving Training Centre Resubelpara
7 Weaving Training Centre Williamnagar
8 Weaving Training Centre Baghmara
9 Weaving Training Centre Tura
Sericulture in Meghalaya

Castor plantation, Nogorpara, West Garo Hills  Castor plantation, Nogorpara, West Garo Hills


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