Main Objectives

The thrust area under sericulture sector is to boost up cocoon and silk production by development of systematic and economic plantation at sericultural farmers level so as to enhance the productivity per unit area through implementation of need-based schemes such as Integrated Eri, Mulberry and Muga Development Program Training facilities are provided to the farmers, reelers and spinners on improved methods. In-service training of technical personnel and training for the educated unemployed youth for self employment are also provided.

Under Handloom Weaving sector, efforts are being made to increase production of hand woven fabrics in the state. Various need based schemes are implemented to step up production of best quality handloom fabrics so as to promote the socio-economic upliftment of the poor weavers. The activities also involve training and demonstration on appropriate techniques at all stages of operation on improved fly shuttle looms. Training facilities are provided to handloom weaving trainers under the scheme on Silk Weaving Technology Programme to private handloom weavers in clusters.