(State Plan Schemes)


  1. Upgradation of existing Mulberry, Eri and Muga departmental Seed Farm:-
    The Objective of the scheme is to upgrade the existing Mulberry, Eri and Muga Seed Farm by way of Modernization of seed preparation and disinfection for terrace making, ploughing, weeding and replacement of old plantation by high yielding varieties including deflossing machines for cocoons for Seed preparation and Reeling purposes.
  2. Strengthening of Headquarter organization:-
    The main objective of the scheme is to strengthen the Directorate of Sericulture and Weaving, Shillong and the Branch Directorate located at Tura for supervising and monitoring of State Plan Schemes implement in the field.
  3. Strengthening of Silk Reeling Unit:-
    This Scheme is to provide marketing support to Sericulture farmers by way or purchasing silk cocoons from farmers, production of Raw Silk and imparting training to the rearers.
  4. Research and Development Support for Sericulture:-
    The main objective of the scheme is to conduct research on different bi-voltine races to be adopted in the Government Farms and Private level for enhancement of cocoon and yarn production to control diseases and pests of Mulberry food plants and silkworm, soil analysis suitable to the cultivation of different. varieties of silkworm food plants.


  1. Intensive Production of Handloom Fabrics :-
    This scheme aims in taking up manufacturing, mostly non - traditional Handloom fabrics, in different Handloom Production Centres it is also envisaged to give employment opportunity to loomless expert weavers.
  2. Handloom Training and Research:-
    The objective of the scheme is to conduct training and research on designing, dyeing, printing and embroidery for short term course and engagement of 4 Nos.of progressive weavers for up scaling the present skill of the weavers in motive making and weaving, intricate designed fabrics of last colour dyed yarn and embroidered the clothes to cater the demand of the market for rising income generation. The training is to focus the value added products.
  3. Establishment of Handloom Training Weaving Centre:-
    The main objectives of the scheme is to introduce the Handloom activities at Saikarap and Nongtrai for imparting training to the unemployed youth, reviving and improving the traditional handloom for self employment.
  4. Establishment of Mini Yarn Bank:-
    The Scheme aims at procuring 3 (Three) varieties of yarn, Mulberry Silk, Eri Silk, Muga Silk, Dyed Acrylic Yarn and Cotton Yarn of different count. These yarns are proposed to be utilized in different handloom centres of the Department and sale out to individual weavers. The yarn will be purchased from National Handloom DevelopmentCorporation Ltd (NHDC) Guwahati.
  5. Assistance for Modernization of Handloom:-
    This main objective of the scheme is to encourage existing Handloom weavers, Handloom Entrepreneurs and Un-employed youth to take up power Loom weaving for self employment. The power loom is introducing in two District i.e., Shillong in East Khasi Hills District and Dilma in North Garo Hills District.
  6. Income Generation Programmes for weavers:-
    This main objective of the scheme is to promote the traditional women weavers entrepreneurs and new weavers to raise the production of handloom fabrics in commercial line for domestic and export by way of providing the required Government support towards procurement of yarn to the Wearers in the State free of cost for carrying weaving activities for sustainable income generation and women empowerment.


  1. Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY) - The main objective of the scheme is for additional coverage of plantation (Eri and Muga) in the Private Sector, to enhance the production or DFLS and raw silk, financial support for construction of rearing, houses, cocoon sheds and rearing equipment’s and to bring technology upgradation through capacity building and input support.
  2. Integrated Scheme for Development of Eri Silk Industry in Ri-Bhoi District Meghalaya (ISDP)
  3. Integrated Scheme for Development of Textiles Industry under Silk Samagra- 2 in Meghalaya.

Objectives: To provide sustainable livelihood to Eri Farmers of the State, to create awareness among people specially women about Eri Culture activities as means of livelihood and upgrading the skill in rearing by adopting new technology to enhance production.

  1. Textiles Tourism complex at Nongpoh (Under Central Scheme of DC Handicrafts New Delhi)- The Department is proactively undertaking establishment of the integrated Textiles Tourism complex at Nongpoh, Ri-Bhoi District, to build up infrastructure and to introduce integrated capacity building components for enhancing experiential Silk Tourism in the State. By setting up this Centre, it will create a platform for the Tourist to experience the entire process of Silk production from the farm to the finished product of traditional garments.
  2. Cluster Development Programme under National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP)- The Objective of the Scheme is for the development of weavers to become self sustainable.